Johan & Sophia

It started with a long and voluptuous enjoyment of a cigar at the balcony and a glass of exquisite wine in the living room, and there with a view over the roofs in Antibes on a beautiful day in April 2013, we decided that it was now or never that we would realize the idea that we have lived with for such a long time……

We have been married for 21 years and are originally from Östersund in Jämtland (region in the North of Sweden). Johan owns and runs an old family farm in Dille that is today an agricultural high school.

Sophia is a restaurateur and a trained sommelier and has a big passion for food and drinks in combination.

We came to Antibes about 20 years ago and already at that time we fell in love with the area and especially with the beautiful Antibes.

The thought behind La Clé is to offer our guests a charming, personal accommodation tastefully renovated and decorated with old French rustic furniture typical for that time and each coming with its own special history.

Warmly welcome to our paradise in the heart of Antibes !


La Clé de la porte

It is called La Clé de la Porte meaning ”the key to the portal” as there is a story telling that a very long time ago when Antibes was besieged and there was only one entrance to Antibes and that portal was kept closed…. the person/persons who had the key to the portal  lived in this house.

When we bought the house we also got the hotel register or ”Registre pour l’inscription des voyageurs”  belonging to the house for the period of time when the business was run, that is during the years 1935 to 1968.

So we actually continue where it once started……with the key to the portal.